Student Work   [ Indiana University 2013 - 2014 ]

Game Over   -   Graduate (BA) Animation Thesis Project. Vectors originally drawn in Adobe Illustrator / animated in Adobe After Effects CS6. My thoughts were to express my feelings on the modern relationship through a digital platform. 

[ 1 ] Blue Foundation- Eyes on Fire (ZEDSDEAD Remix) | | |
[ 2 ] DATSIK- Firepower
[ 3 ] DATSIK- Bonafide Hustler (Datsik Trap VIP Remix) | | | |


Toten Zirkus   -   stop-motion animation using clay model / 2900 still photographs total. Composed in Adobe After Effects CS6.


Public archive clip collage   -   assigned to make a point other than what is meant in the original footage pieces you find. 2013. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. 


Mad Men Teaser   -   Vector shape and text animations synced with audio in Adobe After Effects. 


True Blood Teaser   -   Vector shape animations and original photography synced with audio in Adobe After Effects CS6..