Minimal Triangles

each clip below is composed of vector graphics in adobe after effects. each is made to loop seamlessly or to play as a whole. 

minimal triangles (sequence 001)

minimal triangles (sequence 002)

minimal triangles (sequence 003)


GIF-Collage Animated Music Video


I composed this video of numerous internet GIF's to make a music video. Everything was edited and composed in AE CS6 and Photoshop CS6. Please be aware, the content is visually erratic and explicit at times. This is more of a creative art piece that tells a story by me more so than just loud and crazy images. 

AUDIO  :  Skrillex + Damien Marley "Make it Bun Dem" (Trolley Snatcha VIP Remix)

Trolley Snatcha on Soundcloud  :  Trolley Snatcha UK on Facebook  :  Trolley Snatcha on Beatport